SerpClix Review – Get Paid $0.05-$0.10 per Website Visit

SerpClix is a legit website aimed towards website owners who want to increase their website’s ranking on Google. In order to make websites rank SerpClix pays their users to go on Google and click links that have been provided to them. They’re available to everyone worldwide. Users get paid 5 to 10 cents depending on country they’re from. For example, Americans get paid $0.10, but Greeks $0.05. Their minimum payout is $4.

Pros and cons of using SerpClix

+ Using it is very easy.Their extension is only available for Firefox.

+ Unlike most PTC sites, the pay is great.

+ The company always pays on time.

+ Minimum payout amount is low ($4).

Cons of using SerpClix

Their extension is only available for Firefox.

Your referrals expire after 3 months.

The amount of orders available varies wildly from month to month.

How to set up SerpClix

To start using it you need an account. You can sign up for one here.
After that do the following:

  1. Click here to download the extension.
  2. Follow the instructions to finish installing the extension.
  3. Click on the icon that appeared in your browser’s toolbar and log in.
SerpClix extension icon
SerpClix extension icon

And you’re ready to start working!

How to work and earn money

Working on SerpClix is very easy. All you have to do is have the extension open and wait for new orders. Once an order appears, click on it and do the following:

  1. Press “CTRL + V” on Google’s search box.
  2. Go through the pages on Google and look for a link marked with red box.
  3. Once you find it, click on it and wait for the timer to go to zero. (shown on extension’s icon)

Sometimes you just can’t find the website you’ve been told to look for. If that’s the case, try changing your location on Google. All you have to do is click on “Settings” at top part of the page and go to “Advanced search.” If your keyword contains a name of a city or country, change the location to that and hit search again. If that’s not the case, look at your Google URL. For example, if it is then change your location to United Kingdom.


You can also refer people at SerpClix. You’ll be paid 10% of their earnings for the first 3 months they’re using SerpClix. Compared to other sites this is a pretty average rate. Only disadvantage compared to other sites is the limited time you earn from your referrals.

My experience with SerpClix

I’ve been a member of SerpClix since the end of April and have nothing really bad to say about them. The tasks they offer are simple and the pay for that is fair. In that time I’ve earned only 13 dollars though. It’s still quite a bit of money, but compared to other users it’s nothing. That brings me to the con that really bothers me the most – the amount of orders fluctuates a lot month to month. One month I managed to get over 120 clicks, the other month I got only 60. If the amount of clicks I could do would be more stable it would be simply a perfect site for me.


Payment from SerpClix

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