What is an autosurfer and how it works?

If you’ve searched for ways to make money online you probably know about autosurfers. To put it simply, autosurfer is a website which pays you for having a browser tab open. That browser tab surfs websites on its own, which is why it’s called an autosurfer. Whilst it’s simple for users to earn money, these sites tend to have a lot of issues. You can read more about them here.

How autosurfers work?

Autosurfers are like traffic exchange services but unlike these, the people who surf get paid. Website owner can pay an autosurfer to send traffic to their site and users get a cut for visiting the site. Most of them also have membership plans with which you can increase your earnings. In addition to that users can also earn by using offer walls or referring people.

Features of a typical autosurfing site:

  • Surfing
    If you have signed up with an autosurfing site there should be a “Start mining cash” button on your dashboard. Even though these sites call it mining, the process has nothing to do with mining. After clicking a new browser tab opens. Just leave it be and it will make you money.
    Autosurfing page of a typical autosurfer
  • Referring
    On most autosurfing sites you can invite people to join the site with your link and you will earn a percentage of their earnings. That percentage depends on the site but it’s usually 10-20%.
    Typical referrals page of an autosurfer
  • Offers
    On majority of autosurfing sites you can also complete offers for extra money. Most sites have 4-5 offer walls which offer surveys, app downloads and clicking tasks.
    ClixWall in offers section of MoneySpais
  • Jobs
    Most autosurfing sites also have jobs. These are usually tasks like promoting the site, signing up to other websites or convincing users to upgrade their accounts. Pay on these jobs varies but is usually between a few cents to a few dollars.
    Typical look of a jobs page
  • Membership system
    Pretty much all autosurfers have a membership system. By upgrading your membership you can increase your autosurfing payment rate, earn more from your referrals and more.
    Typical membership page of an autosurfing site
  • Rewards
    Most autosurfing sites reward their users for being active. Rewards range from cash to membership upgrades.
    Typical rewards page of an autosurfer
  • Advertising
    Besides being able to earn money you can also advertise. You can buy traffic to your website but you can also buy banner ads which will be displayed around the autosurfer.
    Typical advertising panel of an autosurfer

Websites to join

  • CashMining.FFU.it
    CashMining is one of the oldest and longest running autosurfing sites that is still active and pays. It doesn’t pay much (0.00005€ per minute) but that’s probably the secret sauce that explains why it still works. Read more about it here or sign up here.
  • MoneySpais
    MoneySpais is a popular autosurfing site in the autosurfing community. Even though it pays only $0.000025 per minute to its free users it is a legitimate site, thus you’re safe to upgrade your membership.  Read more about it here or sign up here.

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