Why most autosurfing sites fail

If you’ve been looking for opportunities to earn online then you’ve probably heard about autosurfing sites. In general autosurfing sites pay you for simply having a browser tab open. Thus people tend to say that they’re an easy and passive way to make money online. Most of them fail though because of lack of customers and proper monetization.

What is an autosurfing site?

If you want to know in detail what’s an autosurfing site, then read this post. But in simple terms it’s a site where people get paid for having a browser tab open which visits sites automatically.

Problems with these sites

All of them use the same website script

All of these sites are based on the same script called CashMining, developed by MafiaNet. It’s a minor problem but what puts them all at a disadvantage is the fact all of these sites look and work similarly. While it doesn’t affect people like me who run these sites in a farm-like way, it makes new users think that they’re run by amateurs who have no idea what they’re doing.

Most website owners don’t want this traffic

For the users of such sites it’s great. They just leave a browser tab running and they’ll earn enough to go and buy a cup of coffee. In perspective of an autosurfer owner the situation is more complicated. Most website owners want to buy visitors who use their site. Visitors from autosurfers on the other hand rarely do that, meaning they’re as good as visitors from a traffic exchange. A thousand visitors at a traffic exchange like Otohits costs you just 1 cent. On most autosurfing sites the same amount would cost you 50 cents. Only advantage for autosurfers over traffic exchange services is that the traffic from autosurfers comes from real computers and not from servers. Because of the traffic quality and price most autosurfers don’t have any customers.

Owners of autosurfers are bad at marketing

As mentioned before, most autosurfers don’t have any customers. Thus the autosurfer owner should first promote itself to potential users and start looking for customers as soon as they have some active users and traffic to sell. For example the owner could promote the autosurfer to website owners who want to generate ad revenue but need visitors who aren’t bots, thus avoiding them from getting banned from services like Adsense. What actually happens is that the owner keeps on promoting its site to users, adds blank pages to the surfer (so they could earn money), offers them high payment rates to keep them satisfied and then hopes that customers come out of the blue.

Owners of autosurfers don’t know how to monetize their site

If the site owner doesn’t know how to find customers, has 200 active users surfing blank pages and loses money, they have to act fast. The site owner has two options: either shut the site down or turn the autosurfer into a hybrid of a GPT site and autosurfer and lower the payment rates. Most autosurfers have gone the second route and have still managed to fail miserably. They add offer walls hoping that people would start using them daily basis but in most cases out of these 200 people only 5-10 use them. They also add pop ads but people rarely see them as they have no reason to click on the site when autosurfer can surf on its own.

Last option for them is to limit people’s ability to surf. Owners usually do this by forcing people to buy a membership to surf more. By doing this owners hope that people either spend money on a membership or start using offer walls on the side. Now dead autosurfer called GetCashFree tried doing this but ended up with lots of users boycotting the site as they joined to only surf and not to fill out surveys or download mobile games for pocket change.


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